«Her excellent technique and
magnificent musicianship make
Raquel del Val one of the strongest
forces of current Spanish pianism»
Jose Luis Turina
Composer and Spanish National Young
Orchestra Artistic Director




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«Raquel del Val is an excellent pianist who stands out for her expressiveness and for adapting her technique to the specifics of the music she interprets. The programming of her performances always consists of titles by such Spanish composers as Turina, Granados, Giménez, Larregla, etc. -the Spanish composers we must thank- and foreign composers who have composed works of Spanish atmosphere. This most Spanish" of pianist, hugely successful wherever she plays, deserves my greatest admiration, since she couples her refined pianistic technique to spontaneity both at the piano and in her personality.»

Federico Moreno-Torroba Larregla
Composer and Orchestral Conductor

«Yesterday at Avila Musical Tuesday, Raquel del Val included a premiere and showed why she is considered one of the best Spanish soloists of the moment.»

David Casillas
Diario de Avila

«Her excellent technique and magnificent musicianship make Raquel del Val one of the strongest forces of current Spanish pianism.»

Jose Luis Turina
Composer and Spanish National Youth Orchestra Artistic Director

«Raquel del Val, who has specialized in musicological research, does not merely "paint" a picturesque, dreamy, curious repertory, but plays a role of great importance in knowing small works for piano hidden in libraries and other files that need to be rescued from sad  oblivion for the enjoyment of the public of our country and beyond.»

Revista Melomano

«Her repertoire, as well as her particular way of understanding the music of certain native and foreign composers, has been applauded by critics and the public, for the rigor and communicativeness of her interpretations.»

Miguel Angel Nepomuceno
Diario de Leon

«The pianism of Raquel del Val is suggestive, attentive to rubato and expression, without excesses and with a vital intelligence and understanding of the musical fabric of these miniatures of relevant interest.»

Revista Melomano

«The first time that I had the pleasure of attending a recital of Raquel, was in Leon; she interpreted my grandfather Joaquin Larregla's Jota, "Viva Navarra", and I was highly impressed by the fact that, apart from the great piano technic, she performed an unpublished version of this work. The first time I heard this piece was in the farewell Concert of my grandfather, in the year 1940, in the Teatro Gayarre Pamplona, and the truth of the matter is that it would be a presumption on my part to say that I remember the interpretation of my grandfather, but if I have heard it played by many performers, and Raquel has given it an elasticity, both in the rhythm as well as in the nuances, which I had never previously appreciated.»

Federico Moreno-Torroba Larregla
Composer and Orchestral Conductor

«With anecdotes such as these, Raquel  del Val reminds us in a concert interview that takes place with fluidity and serenity, of how her fingers gloss fast and accurately over the keyboard. Not for nothing, her teacher Guillermo Gonzalez, referred to her as "little greased fingers".»

Mikaela Vergara
Radio Clasica. RNE

«The pianist Raquel del Val chooses music and silence as a letter of introduction. Music, because playing various Spanish composers she has travelled throughout Europe, and silence, because she is not the kind to give too much importance to what she does, even though what she does has real importance.»

David Rubio
La Cronica de Leon

«The pianist was preceded by great fame for her sensitivity to the keyboard and the great  technique she has amassed, ensuring that the audience present at the concert would not be disappointed.»

Pilar Arlanzon Pablos
Diario de Burgos

«Raquel was something of the female child prodigy of the country when, at the age of 13 and contrary to the opinion of the inspectors of Madrid, she received the title of professor of piano, something quite rare and unusual at that age.»

Miguel Angel Nepomuceno
Diario de Leon

«As the climax to an afternoon of Spanish passion and virtuosity, Raquel del Val premiered the work "Abril Andaluz" by  F. Moreno-Torroba Larregla.»

Marta Perruca
El Día de Guadalajara

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