«Her repertoire, as well as her particular
way of understanding the music of certain
native and foreign composers,has been
applauded by critics and the public, for the
rigor and communicativeness of her
Miguel Angel Nepomuceno
Diario de Leon






Cd Landscapes of Spain

An overview of musically different landscapes from a Spain rich in customs, traditions and expressiveness, full of beauty and fascination, by such well-known composers as Turina and Granados, as well as such lesser-known greats as Larregla and  Pedro Blanco, and still others composers inspired by Spain beyond Spanish borders, such as Collet and Gottschalk. All of this music shares the common denominator of  knowledge of and admiration for popular Spanish folklore.

In these works, the pianistic language, full of complex harmonies, uses the  traditional exotic resources of the composers' native lands, though with the common denominator of Spanish subject matter, seeking poetry in every work, immersing the  listener in a world of Spanish themes, always from the personal compositional perspective threading through every title.



“Cuadro Goyesco” from Federico Moreno-Torroba

The premiere of his only work for solo piano.

Son of the composer of "Luisa Fernanda" and other famous operettas, grandson  of the great Joaquin Larregla, the conductor-composer maestro Federico Moreno-Torroba Larregla relates that he wanted to bring to light the only work his father composed for piano. Although he had written the "Fantasia Castellana" for Piano and Orchestra and of course numerous works for guitar, he did not seem to consider writing for solo piano.The work is a compendium of five images based on a vision of the Spain of Goya through the folklore of that prolific age. Each one of them makes a descriptive journey through the colorful folklore of various Spanish regions in a language at times pianistic and at others more orchestral. From first to last, the listener will recognize several traditional Spanish folk airs intellectualized and translated into a technically virtuosic language.

A new version, with fingering and technical and critical commentary, has been issued by Raquel del Val, the concert pianist entrusted with the premiere, and the copyist musicologist Jose Antonio Morcillo. In their new edition, the five movements are entitled: "Prelude", "Fandango", "Zapateado", "Oriental" and "Jota". They say that the author composed the work commissioned by the great pianist Jose Iturbi, who had been entrusted with its premiere, but unfortunately died without being able to do so .After various ups and downs, the premiere was also offered to Luis Galve, but it was ultimately left to Raquel del Val to collect the original manuscript from the hands of the composer's son and vow to carry out an old wish of  maestro Moreno-Torroba.

The premiere of the complete cycie took place on March 3, 2009 in the Reyes Catolicos Auditorium of Avila, following the premiere of the "Fandango" at the March Foundation of Madrid on February 9 of that year.





New Reliease

"The Gold Tower" of the maestro Gimenez. Piano version by Raquel del Val.

Published by Editorial Cadence and its American representative B. M. I., this trasncription of the "Prelude" to "The Torre del Oro", by maestro J. Gimenez. is  the first in a series of new versions of works for piano based on orchestral originals. The result is a complex piano work from the technical and interpretative point of view, with the challenges inherent in a solo concert work, thus exceeding the usual concept of arrangement or reduction to which we are accostumed.

The impetus for the project is the result of the collaboration of Raquel del Val with the conductor-composer Federico Moreno-Torroba  Larregla, which has resulted in premieres and reprints of works of this composer and also of works, some previously unpublished, by his father Moreno-Torroba Ballesteros and his grandfather, the virtuoso Joaquin Larregla. Ms. Del Val enjoys the distinction of being the only pianist to know of the work of three generations of composers of one of Spain's most important musical dynasties.


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